PCP Gauge of Monitor


Introduction to electronic pressure gauge

Byprecisely monitoring and recording the changes of the pressure and the temperatureof the oil,gas and water in the depth of productive site,the GAUGE will provide the monitoring and analysis ofthe Pressure Build-up and Pressurebuild-down, Pressure Gradients,Pressure dynamic monitoring,Acidulate Fracture Monitoring,Continuous tubing,DST(Drill Stem Tests),etc.

Model of GAUGE(according to the sensor):Silicon-Sapphire Gauge、Quartz Gauge

Main Parameter:Pressure range≤30,000Psi,Temperature range≤200℃。

Pressure accuracy:±0.02%FS,Temperature accuracy:±0.2℃。

TYPE of PCP GAUGE(By ways of working styles):MemoryGauge, Surface Read-Out Gauge,Memory-SRO Combo Gauge、Wellhead Pressure Gauge,Permanent Downhole Monitoring System(PDMS)

*Memory gauge:The power supply with the High temperature lithium battery,it is suitable for the wire rope and DST operation.All the monitoring data from the storage will be replayed bysurface computer.

*Read-Out Gauge:With the cable transformation, it is available for the surface instrument to receive the pressure and temperature data by real time monitoring。

*Memory-SRO Combo Gauge:It offers two working modes of memory and surface read out. An SRO adapter is installed connecting to a wireline cable head to be able to change the gauge from a memory tool to a surface read out tool.

* Permanent Downhole Monitoring System:consists of the downhole part and surface part,the gauge will monitor the real time changes of the downhole pressure and the temperature at the single site,as well the couple sites.With the electric power from the surface system,the downhole data of the pressure and the temperature will be transformed to the surface controller by the single core cable,to complete the showing,storage, or the more to use   the GPRS tofeedtheneedofcustomer.

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